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Here is my Covid 19 Protocol for your protection and mine.
Clients will have their temperature checked on arrival and must sanitise their hands before entering the house.
Please do not attend your appointment if you feel unwell.
I reserve the right to refuse you treatment if I have any concerns.
Coats, bags and shoes to be left in the porch.
I will wear appropriate PPE of mask, face visor and plastic apron. I do not consider gloves to be necessary as regular hand washing is highly effective against the virus.
Clients may wear their own masks if they wish, but please do not wear gloves unless you have valid reason to do so.
In the treatment room, social distancing will be in place during the consultation and you may be asked to wear the face visor provided when lying on your back.

All form filling will be carried out by me and consent to treatment will be taken verbally for the time being.
The treatment bed and pillows will have plastic coverings underneath which will be sterilised between clients. Towels or sheets will be used instead of blankets to cover you and all the bed linen will be changed and washed at a high temperature between clients.
I will wash my hands thoroughly up to the elbow prior to starting the treatment and will maintain a high level of hand hygiene using alcohol based hand sanitiser throughout the treatment.
I will no longer leave the room during Bowen treatments in order to lower the risk of cross infection, and treatments will be carried out in the shortest time possible and with the minimum of physical contact.
I will no longer provide glasses of water so please bring your own water bottle.
Clients to sanitise their hands prior to leaving the treatment room.
Payment ideally by direct bank transfer. If you wish to pay with cash please bring the money in a plastic ziplock bag. Cheques will not be accepted for the time being.
The treatment room and all equipment, door knobs, stair rails etc. and the bathroom will be thoroughly aired, cleaned and sterilised after each client.
I will initially limit client numbers to one a day to reduce the risk of cross infection, so please be prepared to wait longer than usual for an appointment. If you are desperate for a treatment please get in touch now, so I can put you on a priority list for when treatments are able to re commence. I'm afraid the virus dictates the way I will have to work for the time being and my treatments will seem a lot more 'clinical' to existing clients, but hopefully you will still find them effective!

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