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Diamond Light Healing


As a joint founder of The Diamond Light System of Natural Healing with Caroline Wood,  I am very happy to be able to offer this wonderful new  healing modality to my clients.

We offer both personal healing and Property Healing using Diamond Light energy.

Diamond Light is a very high frequency healing energy that aligns perfectly with the energies of the planet at this particular time. It acts to clear negative energies, accelerate healing and connects us to the loving energy of the Divine.


Diamond Light Healing is passed on in a similar way to Reiki healing, with loving intention from the heart - either via ‘hands on’ sessions or remotely.​​​


Diamond Light Healing can help to alleviate various symptoms by soothing, healing and restoring balance to mind, body and spirit, and helps to raise the resonant frequency of the recipient so they feel better able to cope with life and it's various stresses.

 A Diamond Light Healing can help

* Improve sleep

*Create a lasting sense of peace and calm

* Help relieve anxiety and stress

*Help with overcoming addictions

*Enable greater self awareness and self love

*Enable greater compassion both towards the self and others

* Ease physical aches and pains

* Bring more joy into life.


​Diamond Light is a very fast acting energy so only short, seated treatments are required lasting just 10 - 15 minutes. These can be carried out either in person or remotely.


Once a treatment has been received, a Diamond Light activation takes place within the body that continues to work on all levels to help heal the recipient. The ability to self heal using the hands is also activated and doing at least ten minutes of self healing a day helps the healing process to remain activated, so often just one treatment is enough.


​Anyone can receive Diamond Light Healing and there are no known contra indications for those wishing to receive and connect with it.

We offer workshops to teach others how to give Diamond Light healing. No previous experience is required, but you will need to have received a healing activation before attending. Please contact me for further information.


Diamond Light Testimonials

'I had distant healing with diamond light treatment from Jane, not really knowing what to expect. Prior to the treatment, I had been suffering with a shooting pain in my foot for months from an old injury. The following day, the pain completely vanished and hasn’t returned since. I have also been able to think more clearly and be more productive at work, including being able to work on multiple tasks without feeling stressed. I am still amazed at how fast and effective the diamond light treatment is and especially through distant healing. I am just so thankful to be introduced to Jane and her many therapies, and I highly recommend her to anyone needing mental or physical relief.'

Alex, Dorset, UK

'I can highly recommend the diamond light therapy, I experienced this remotely last week, I can honestly say my sleep has been amazing since, it’s lifted my spirits & has made me think about what I am eating & given me energy to exercise daily. Thank-you Jane for putting the sparkle back into my body, you are truly amazing'.

Sam, Somerset, UK

'I had distant healing from Jane a couple weeks ago, not knowing what to expect but I'm still feeling the benefits now. When I first received the healing I saw bright white and green lights. I felt an inner peace that I haven't felt in a long time. During these last couple of weeks I've continued to feel peace and the negative emotions I've been carrying are disappearing. It's also given me the enthusiasm back I once had for meditation and helping me get back myself. I truly feel grateful to have received Diamond Light and would recommend'.

Becky, Somerset. UK

'I had the Diamond light healing at Jane's house and after I felt such unbelievable calm. My head was actually empty and I couldn't bring forward any negative thoughts or feelings. It felt very odd but at the same time I was totally at peace with myself and my mind was quiet for the 1st time in years. I have remained with this sense of calm, things don't really bother me anymore and I don't dwell on past traumas that used to cause me so much grief daily.

Jane is 1 of the most genuinely kind, honest and helpful women I know. I cant thank her enough for all she had done for me and continues to do with sending me healing. Thank you isnt enough. Jane you really are an amazing miracle worker and I'm so glad the universe put me at your door that day'.

Rachel, Wiltshire. UK

'Since receiving The Diamond Light natural healing, I am gradually noticing the benefits on my well-being. I am now sleeping all night, I am feeling a sense of peace, I feel happier and most significantly, my migraines are greatly reduced. With Caroline’s guidance, I am self healing, to help me to maintain the benefits of the natural healing. Thank you Caroline'.

Martine, Hertfordshire. UK

'I contacted Jane and Caroline through a mutual friend and had heard great things about Jane after she carried out an amazing reiki session on my mother.

I wanted to find out about my grandma, who tragically passed on in 1950. They were able to dowse and found out so much interesting information that was unknown to me.

After reading their mail I was able to confirm many of the things, through my mother and my grandma's one remaining son. I am also reassured that my grandma, her husband and her 3 sons (one of whom is my father) are in peace and together.

Jane promised me that forgiveness and understanding has taken place so that our generation can live more peacefully. Jane and Caroline were so kind and took so much time over this request.

I live in Italy and everything was done at a distance. Despite this, they got exactly the feel of what was needed and asked all the correct questions, both to me and to the souls they were contacting.

I am so happy and grateful to have done this and would highly recommend their unusual but rather amazing services. Thank you Jane and Caroline for putting my mind and heart at rest'.

Elizabeth, Italy.

'I am immensely grateful for the safety and tranquillity that Jane and Caroline have provided for me. From the very first interaction, I felt at ease. They were attentive and really invested time and energy into understanding my feelings.

They were very empathetic and had an ability to truly grasp the depth of my emotions. They were very compassionate and genuinely concerned, yet they had a sense of strength and competence that was very reassuring for me. Their understanding of the spiritual realm brought me a profound sense of peace and connectedness.

Jane and Caroline's presence in my life has been transformative. Their attentive listening, empathy, compassion, confidence, and spiritual competence has provided me with the safety and peace I was seeking. I am so very grateful for their support'.

Kas, Buckinghamshire. UK

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