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Distant Healing

Distant Healing, River Spirit, Bratton, Wiltshire

If you are unable to get to me for a hand's on Reiki treatment, it is possible for me to send healing to you instead via a distance Reiki session.  I offer free  Distant Healing for those who are terminally ill.


How is this done?

Reiki practitioners are attuned to certain symbols during their second degree training, one of which is known as the 'distance healing symbol'.

When invoked and used by a Reiki practitioner, this symbol allows the practitioner to send Reiki healing energy across time and space.

A photo of the recipient can be used to help the practitioner connect with the person they are sending healing to.


How might it help me?

It will work in much the same way as a hands on treatment, but may take a little longer to process.


What do I have to do?

Unless we have already met in person, you will need to send me a recent photo of yourself.

We will agree a day and time for the Reiki energy to be sent to you.

It is a good idea to sit or lie down quietly for at least half an hour during this period to allow yourself to fully receive this.

Make sure your phone and TV are off and there are no other distractions.

Gentle background  music can be played if you wish, to help aid relaxation.

You might like to light a candle to help set the intention that you are about to receive a treatment. You can also hold a crystal or burn Aromatherapy oils if you wish.


What if I forget to do any of this?

Don't worry, the Reiki energy will still reach you, but you may be less aware of it.


What happens during a treatment?

I will 'tune in' at the agreed time and send Reiki to you using the Distance Healing symbol.

You may feel sensations such as warmth, cold or tingling whilst the Reiki is being sent to you or you may feel nothing at all. Everyone is different.


Does it hurt?

No. Distant Reiki can do no harm.


Can I have it if I am pregnant?

Yes, it can be very helpful during pregnancy and can benefit both mother and baby.


What happens after the treatment?

If you lit a candle, blow this out to signal the end of the treatment. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

Be kind to yourself and try to take it easy if you can.

If you feel a bit 'spaced out', running your wrists under cold water may help, or you can use Bach Flower Rescue Remedy if you have some.

I will contact you by email (or your preferred method of communication) to confirm that the treatment has been carried out and to pass on any intuitive insights I may have received for you.

You are free to contact me at any time if you have any worries or questions after the treatment, and I will check in with you after a few days to see how you are, whether or not you found the treatment beneficial and to adjust your treatment plan if necessary.


How long will it take?


Each session generally lasts around 30 - 60 minutes


How many treatments will I need?

You may find that a single treatment is all you need to help you feel better.

Reiki can be sent as often or as little as required. For example in cases of terminal illness or periods of high stress distant Reiki could be sent every day to help ease pain and provide comfort and relaxation.

If you are seeking help with a particular ailment or condition, a course of  3- 6 distant healing treatments would probably be beneficial.

I can suggest a treatment plan for you and adjust this as necessary, according to your response to the treatment.


Can I have other treatments at the same time?

Yes, Distant Reiki can be given alongside other treatments.


What will it cost?

ADULT TREATMENT  ........ £35


TASTER SESSION       ........ £15


CHILD    5 - 15yrs      ........ £5


BABIES  0 - 5 yrs        ........ Free


Discounts are available for a block payment of three full treatments.

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