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Certain parts of the house triggered headaches and unease. In some instances she avoided them completely.

The couple looked for every opportunity to be elsewhere and didn’t look forward to coming home.


We knew that with such an initial low vitality reading the house would more than likely have some sort of Spirit activity and indeed this was the case.


We discovered the souls of a 43yr old father and his 22yr old daughter. They had lived on the site of the farmhouse in around 1720. Their relationship had been an abusive one where the father had a very strong control over his daughter both in life and after death. He had also been responsible for her violent murder.


We were able to successfully move these trapped souls into the light.


Whilst we were at the house we also sensed and identified the presence of an Anglo-Saxon male who considered himself  a guardian of the land that the farmhouse sat on. We advised the couple that his was a positive energy in the house and a bonus.


After the healing the house instantly felt much lighter. The wife reported that she had slept right through the night for the first time ever in that house. They had lots of good news in the days that followed and generally felt more proactive, enthusiastic and energetic about jobs that needed doing within the house.

Vitality of the house after healing 99%.

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