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Indian Head Massage


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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

​*Please note there are certain contra indications to Indian Head Massage. Following an initial consultation, you may be advised to consult your doctor before treatment is given.

What is it?

Indian Head Massage uses massage and pressure point techniques to help release tension from the upper back, upper arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.

How might it help me?

It is a great stress buster for anyone who is suffering from aching shoulders, a tight neck, tension headaches, eye strain, insomnia, or poor concentration.

The treatment increases blood flow and oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles which in turns stimulates hair growth.

It stimulates and improves lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the neck and face and can be helpful in the treatment of stress and tension related conditions.

Indian Head Massage is deeply relaxing and many people find the treatment clears their heads and they feel energised following a treatment, so it can be particularly helpful when studying for exams.

Although the massage is focused on specific areas, it has the effect of deeply relaxing the whole body. There are a wide range of benefits to be had from Indian Head Massage, both physical and psychological.


These include -

* Helping to relieve  anxiety 

* Relieving mental and physical strain.

* Clearing the mind and helping to improve alertness and concentration.

* General 'balancing', giving a sense of calm and peace. 

 *Helping one to cope better with stressful situations..

* Improved muscle tone and mobility in the neck, head and shoulders.

* Relief from eye strain, headaches, sinusitis, congestion and insomnia.

It is not suitable for babies or young children or anyone who finds sitting uncomfortable.


Where does it come from?

As the name suggests, it originates from India where it has been practised for thousands of years as part of the Hindu health care practice of Ayurveda. It is an ancient therapeutic health treatment and was originally used to improve scalp and hair condition.


Does it hurt?

If you have a lot of muscular tension and knots then you may find some of the massage slightly uncomfortable to start with. This should ease as the treatment progresses. The practitioner will adjust their pressure to suit you, so don't be afraid to say if you are finding it uncomfortable.


Can I have it if I am pregnant?

It is inadvisable during the first 3 months of pregancy due to changes in circulation and the risk of miscarriage. You must let your therapist know you are pregnant as there may be an increased risk of feeling dizzy during the treatment. Indian Head Massage can be very helpful during pregnancy, but if in doubt please check first with your midwife or GP before booking your appointment.


Do I need to undress?

No. It is the perfect massage for those who prefer not to undress.

You will be asked to remove glasses, ties, earrings, nose and other facial piercings, necklaces and any hair ties or ornaments.

Carrying out the massage through clothing adds to the warmth generated by friction and aids muscle relaxation. It is helpful to wear a top with a collar or high neck.


What does a treatment involve?

After an initial consultation to ensure there are no contraindications to the treatment, you will be asked to sign a consent form. An explanation of the treatment will be given and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

You will be seated in a comfortable chair and the massage applied to the upper back, upper arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face with the therapist standing behind you. Gentle music can be played to aid relaxation. No oils are used.


How long will it take?

An Indian Head Massage usually lasts from 30 - 45 minutes, but can be tailored to suit the individual according to need.


What happens afterwards?

You should feel deeply relaxed and it is a good idea to allow yourself time to rest after the treatment. Some people can feel a little unwell as detoxification takes place. This is a sign that the treatment is working and can be eased with good hydration and rest.

You will be advised to drink plenty of water to help the body flush out any toxins released by the massage and it is best to avoid alcohol for 24 hours.


How many treatments will I need?

A course of 3 - 6 treatments is recommended for therapeutic purposes depending on the condition being treated. It is also fine to have an occasional one off treatment for relaxation.


Can I have other treatments at the same time?

Yes, it is fine to use in conjunction with other treatments.


What will it cost?

ADULT TREATMENT  ........ £40


TASTER SESSION       ........ £20

Discounts are offered on block bookings of three full treatments.


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