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Property Healing Case Studies




When a client moved into new accommodation he found that he was having trouble sleeping in his new bedroom and experienced bouts of random and inexplicable anxiety.

The house in which he rented a room had recently undergone full refurbishment both inside and out, including the garden.

The vitality of the room was just 31%, so there were clearly some energetic disturbances at play. More...


Intrigued by our work, our client told us about a modern cargo ship that he had worked on in the past, and revealed that whenever he had to go onto the bridge he felt an unexplained sense of dread and as if someone or something was watching him, especially at night. He would go about his duties as quickly as possible and then scurry off the bridge as soon as he could.

He  was curious as to why this might have been and so were we, so we got busy with the pendulum. More...

Cargo Ship at Sea.webp



When we heard a neighbour's cottage had been for sale for some time without having had a single viewing, we offered to carry out a house blessing to help improve the energy and appeal of the house.

The cottage had originally been two smaller cottages and we found the vitality of the property to be extremely low at only 16%.

This was due to a combination of geopathic stress, energetic imprints in the fabric of the building and spirit activity. More...



We were asked to take a look at a small convenience store by the Assistant Manager who informed us that things kept disappearing and being found in unexpected places.

There were also repeated issues with a burst water main just outside the shop and he regularly had to call the water company to come and fix it. More...

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When a client who is in the Army revealed that they were having various problems at home and in particular with their teenage son, we offered to see if we could help.

Working remotely, we found that the vitality of their home was 81%.



Vitality of house before healing: 39%.

The site of the house had been in the family for several generations and had undergone extensive work over the years including a complete rebuild in more recent years.

When the farm was passed on from father to son, his wife moved into the farmhouse and as newlyweds they set about making it their own.

Some seven years later we were approached by the wife for help. She explained that from the moment she moved in she did not feel comfortable in the house particularly on her own, and she had never slept through the night in her own home. More...



We were delighted to be given permission to dowse a house dating back to Medieval times and were sure there would be lots to find in such an old building.

The vitality of the house was only 27%, indicating that there were definitely some disruptive energies present.

Working remotely, we found seven earth bound souls in the building, dating as far back as the 16th century.

All were successfully moved to the light and the vitality of the house rose to 37%. More...



The end of terrace late Victorian town house had been in the same family for over 50 years. When the current owner’s father passed, her mother felt it was time to downsize and let her only daughter and husband move in. Understandably, they wanted to put their own stamp on the family home and commissioned Caroline to take on the interior design of the complete renovation back in 2008.


The couple kept in touch with Caroline over the years as she continued to offer her interior design services to them. As her expertise expanded into home healing and holistic design, it felt natural to them to further enhance their home on an energetic level, protecting it from geopathic stress and promoting positive energy and wellbeing. They were also keen to explore how crystals could be displayed within each room creatively, and so Caroline returned to advise them as Divine & Design. More...


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