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About Property Healing

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   With people spending more time in their homes and interest in energy healing on the rise, there is a growing demand for property healing.

  However beautiful a house may seem on the surface, whether it’s a period mansion or a modern apartment, if there are detrimental energies present you are unlikely to ever feel completely at ease in your home.

A bad energy can cause a range of negative feelings from slight unease to feeling quite unwell and out of sorts.

If you feel dread at the thought of entering the front door and feel better when away from your home or office then negative or disruptive energies are almost certainly at play.


Signs that a property is in need of healing can be:

  • Frequent changes of ownership due to divorce, ill health or business failure.

  • Difficulty sleeping, feeling anxious for no obvious reason, lack of motivation or a feeling of ‘wading through treacle’.

  • Arguments, discord and lack of harmony between occupants.

  • Child /Teenage behavioural issues – children and young people are often very sensitive to energies.

  • Objects being moved or going missing.

  • Issues with electrical equipment.

  • Cold spots that never warm up.

  • Feeling uncomfortable in certain rooms or areas.

  • Feeling stuck, ‘jinxed’ or beset with bad luck and that things are always going wrong for you.

The causes are wide and range from geopathic stresses to psychic phenomena. Some people are more sensitive to these than others. Whatever the cause we have the ability to detect and help resolve most problems.

We can work remotely anywhere in the world using tried and tested dowsing methods,our own finely tuned psychic, intuitive and distant healing skills and Diamond Light Healing.


We will continue working until the vitality of the property is raised and ideally sits at 100%.

Our various Property Healing services can be found here.


With many happy clients we feel the results of our work speak for themselves.

Click here to see our Testimonials and here for Property Healing Case Studies.


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