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Viewing Booked The Next Day!

''Our house had been on the market for quite a few weeks. We had not had any viewings on the house and Caroline approached me about doing a blessing on my property, which I was delighted for her and Jane to do.

I was at work and when I returned home the first thing I noticed was how light, airy and clean the house felt.

There was just this feeling of cleanliness and I felt relaxed/happy/chilled - like a weight had been lifted.

I walked around the property and I had that feeling in every room.

The following day the house felt the same and I was feeling the same. Then at lunchtime I received a phone call from the estate agents to say that they wanted to book in our first viewing that weekend''.

​Mo, Wiltshire, UK

Almost Instant Results!


''I sought Jane's help after describing that our household felt like it had been plagued with what I would describe as a looming cloud of negative energy.

​From the moment of entering the house, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. My wife and son were particularly affected; my son was constantly depressed, and the both of them would display erratic signs of anger which manifested itself into constant arguments between family members.

This also left us all in a low mood and dread of being in the house together while also feeling drained and lethargic.

After seeing Jane for Bowen treatment, she mentioned house cleansing which is conducted by herself and a colleague.

I can’t explain what they did, but the results were amazing and almost instant. My son’s mood was remarkably different, more positive and the anger subsided completely; it was like having a different son.

​I can only describe it as we all felt so much lighter, calmer and conversations began again without them resulting in constant arguments.

​We can’t thank Jane and Caroline enough for everything they have done.''

Mark, Dorset, UK




No Longer Sceptical!


''Our house is one of the oldest in our village, so we were curious to find out what 'secrets' might be revealed by a house healing.

​We were impressed by the amount of remote work that Jane and Caroline carried out in advance of their visit, but also fascinated by what they were able to pick up on site.

Using a variety of techniques they were able to pinpoint various parts of the house that held 'negative energy' and cleanse them.

​The most fascinating part was hearing the stories associated with a number of souls that were trapped in the house for a variety of reasons.

Most were keen to be helped towards the light, but one took quite a bit more persuasion.

​Jane and Caroline themselves are utterly charming and very knowledgeable about how best to work with what they found. They were also great fun to have around and very happy to deal with our initial scepticism''.

​Sian, Wiltshire.UK



Finally Happy In My Home!


''I had always felt on edge in the house and put it down to all sorts of things over the nine years I have lived here. However after a chance conversation with Caroline I knew it was worth exploring whether there was anything that could be done to improve the feeling of our home as although I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the problem was, I knew the house just didn’t feel quite “right”.

Jane and Caroline put me at ease immediately, aware that although intrigued, I had concerns about what they may discover. They explained the process and assured me that they would be able to heal anything they found.

Their depth of knowledge and experience was reassuring as was the careful attention they gave to every detail throughout the home.

We were amazed to notice a difference quite quickly; the heaviness we’d grown used to over the years had lifted and the house felt lighter, as if we were viewing the house with “fresh eyes” and finally seeing the potential it always had.

Our sleep improved and the house felt a more positive and peaceful place to be. We also received some helpful suggestions as to how we could improve the kitchen design which we shall be implementing very soon.

We are so grateful to Jane and Caroline and just wish we had asked for their help sooner!''

​Katherine, Wiltshire, Uk



Now Feels Welcoming!


''Once we had finished the renovation of our home, certain areas of our house whilst looking beautiful, still felt very unwelcoming.  For example we never wanted to sit in the back courtyard because it felt very oppressive and dark. 

We just couldn't understand why, but then Caroline and Jane worked on our house and moved a soul and an entity onto a happier place.  We felt the impact immediately. 

The house began to shine with an energy and lightness I have never experienced before.  I honestly can't thank them enough.''

Tanya, London. UK

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