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Property Healing Services


We offer a free consultation.

 Fixed quotes for the work to be carried out.

Follow up checks on your property.


We understand that everyone's circumstances are different.

If you feel you need our services, but are unable to meet our fees,

please let us know and we will see what we can do to help.


Property Blessing


We do not generally look for any negative energies, but simply send a non secular blessing to your property using remote energy healing frequencies that can be transmitted anywhere in the world.

​A blessing is not a substitute for property healing, but can help to enhance positive energies and act as a temporary or quick fix.

​If your house is failing to sell, a blessing may help it to appear more inviting to potential buyers by raising the vibrations that subconsciously give us good or bad feelings about places.

It can also be a good way to bring positivity into a new home and make it feel more like yours.

​A Property Blessing can be a starting point for improving the energies in a home or workplace, and in some cases may be enough to resolve any uncomfortable feelings.

Space Healing

From £100  

If just one particular room or area feels problematic, we can work on detecting the energies that are causing a disturbance and cleanse, balance and heal them to leave the space feeling calmer and more welcoming.

​Space healing can be helpful if you have trouble sleeping after moving into a new home or find yourself avoiding a particular room because it doesn't feel 'right'.

​It can also help cleanse and enhance the energy in a space that is used for Therapy, Yoga or Meditation.

​Businesses that are failing to thrive may benefit from space healing, and having the premises cleared and healed before opening a new venture may help to ensure that the business is a success.

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Full Property Healing

From £195

This involves a complete energy health check of the entire property and cleansing, balancing and healing of any detrimental energies within it.

This will improve the feel of the whole building on a more permanent basis and can in turn help to enhance the health and wellbeing of the occupants.

The cost depends on the size of the property and the amount of time required to heal it. We will provide you with a fixed quote before commencing work.

Garden/Land Healing

 From £100.

If nothing seems to grow in a particular patch of the garden, your dog always seems to be barking at nothing or you just don’t feel comfortable spending time outside, it could be down to negative or detrimental earth energies.


We can dowse to ascertain what the problems are and help to correct these, so you can love your garden.

You may find that plants, trees and shrubs  start to flourish after a healing and that insects and wildlife seem more attracted to the garden.

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