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Before any further interior design could take place, Caroline and Jane needed to check the vitality of the home which scored 86%.


A female spirit who dated back to the early 19th century was discovered. She had occupied a dwelling that had once stood in the current courtyard garden. The dwelling dated back further to a time before the house was built. She had been disturbed by the building work and extensive renovation that had taken place back in 2008 and was beginning to make her presence felt.


Interestingly, the courtyard had been a very redundant outside space that the family had never felt drawn to relax in.


After moving this soul on and removing an entity from the cellar, which had been trapped since the Victorian sewage system had been installed, the house scored a vitality reading of 100%


Since the healing and the placement of crystals, the owners have reported that the energy has lifted in both the cellar and particularly in the courtyard, where they are looking to make improvements to further enhance its design as they feel they now want to spend time there.


Caroline already has some ideas for this space….


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